1. Goal: What is the Smart Factory Hackathon all about?

The Smart Factory Hackathon is an event organised by AUDI AG, 85045 Ingolstadt, with the aim of developing, together with external participants, new ideas and prototypes in the “Smart Factory” environment. The focus will be on topics and data from Audi’s production & logistics. Finalists will be given (anonymous) datasets and will form teams to develop their ideas with support from Audi production and IT experts. These ideas will be evaluated at the end and the best ideas will be awarded attractive prices and will be given the opportunity to see their ideas implemented by Audi.

The Smart Factory Hackathon 2017 will take place on 4-6 October 2017 at the Audi Ingolstadt plant. The selected finalists will be invited in September directly by the organiser using the contact details provided in their application (on website www.smart-factory-hackathon.de or www.smart-factory-hackathon.com).

The organiser will select the finalists from all applications based on their professional background (course of study/occupation) and the candidates’ motivation & skills (free text field) in the application on www.smart-factory-hackathon.de / www.smart-factory-hackathon.com, cf. also item 5 below.

Competition language is German & English.

2. Participants: Who can apply and participate?

In principle, the Smart Factory Hackathon is open to everyone of age with a passion for data science and is mainly addressing students & young professionals with a particular interest and ideally, with experience for example in one or several of the following areas:

• Data mining
• Machine learning
• Data visualization
• Statistics
• Operations research
• Data modelling and management

Knowledge of common programming languages and data mining & data visualisation tools will be of advantage for example in one or several of the following:

• R, Python, Octave/Matlab, Java, C++, etc.
• Spreadsheets, KNIME, SAS, SPSS-Modeller, RapidMiner, Tableau etc.

Mastery of one or several of these languages & tools is not an essential requirement for participation, the list is only intended as a rough guideline.

Employees of Audi AG or another VW Group company are not eligible to participate in the Smart Factory Hackathon (with assessment in the competition).

Participation in the finals will be open only to teams of 3 to 5 members.

3. Application: How can you apply?

Applications can be submitted online only at www.smart-factory-hackathon.de or www.smart-factory-hackathon.com by 1 September 2017.

Applications can be submitted either directly by teams with a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5 members.

Applicants will be notified in writing by the organiser by 10 September 2017 if they will be invited to the final, and will be provided with all necessary information regarding travel, accommodation and meals. The organiser will select the finalists from all applications based on their professional background (course of study/occupation) and the candidates’ motivation & skills (free text field) in the application on www.smart-factory-hackathon.de / www.smart-factory-hackathon.com.

The organiser will admit a total of up to 60 external participants to the final. Invited finalists will have to confirm their participation in the Smart Factory Hackathon in writing by 20 September 2017 at the latest. The organiser will offer any unclaimed spots in the final to other applicants or not fill them.

There will be no entitlement to participate in the Smart Factory Hackathon. The organiser’s decision is final.

4. IT equipment: Which hardware & software may be used?

The theme of the IT equipment of the Smart Factory Hackathon is “Bring your own device”. This means that participants will bring their own hardware & software, usually laptops with software already installed.

Both commercial software and freeware/shareware may be used. When using commercial software, participants will be required to hold the relevant licenses. The organiser explicitly does not provide any software.

5. Data provision: How will datasets be made available to finalists?

Participants will receive data largely in the form of CSV tables. Possible other data formats may be retrieved and processed using common tools (cf. item 2).

Data will be provided on encrypted USB sticks prior to the start of the competition in the presence of Audi experts. Prior to the start of the competition, participants will sign a non-disclosure agreement, agreeing to use the data only in the context of the Hackathon, not to disclose them to any unauthorised parties and to delete them after the event. The non-disclosure agreement is a mandatory requirement to accessing the datasets.

6. Evaluation & award: What are the prizes?

Total competition time during the event will be 24 hours. At the end of this, the ideas and prototypes developed by the individual teams will be presented to the jury appointed by the organiser. Submitted contents and technical data formats are not subject to any restrictions. However, the organiser will make recommendations before the competition starts and will explain the exact evaluation criteria. The individual teams will also pitch their ideas to the jury and the Audi audience.

The jury’s evaluation criteria can be divided into the following 3 criteria:

• Technical methodology and implementation (e.g. coding quality, algorithms used, …)
• Added value, potential (e.g. usability, practical relevance for the Audi plant,…)
• Final presentation (pitch, approx. 5-7 minutes) to audience and jury (e.g. comprehensibility of the idea, innovation potential,…)

In addition, all participants and the audience may also vote for the best ideas. This component will be considered for the final result.

The exact evaluation criteria and their weighting will be explained and communicated by organiser and jury before the start of the competition and will be clearly available throughout the entire event.

The organiser will award the best ideas with attractive prizes. Individual prices will be announced either on the website www.smart-factory-hackathon.de or www.smart-factory-hackathon.com or at the latest at the start of the event.

In addition, the organiser will give the best ideas the opportunity of implementation by Audi after the Smart Factory Hackathon, for example in the context of internships or commissioned projects. However, any legal claim to this is explicitly excluded.

7. Travel, accommodation and meals for the participants

Invited finalists will be provided or subsequently reimbursed by AUDI AG for the following:

• Domestic 2nd class rail travel to and from the venue will be reimbursed by the organiser (if travelling by car, the costs of adequate 2nd class rail travel will be used for calculation purposes).
• The organiser will pre-book and pay two nights’ accomodation in a hotel in Ingolstadt (4-6 October 2017) for the finalists.

All meals will be provided for free by AUDI AG to participants throughout the two days of the event.

8. Utilization rights

The participant as holder will grant AUDI AG and companies affiliated with AUDI AG in accordance with Articles 15 et seq. of the German Stock Corporation Act, a global, unlimited, sub-licensable and irrevocable utilisation right to any copyrights created in the context of the Smart Factory Hackathon, as well as possibly trademarks and other marks, patents or other intellectual property rights for all known and unknown types of use. The participant will furthermore notify AUDI AG about any submitted property right applications.


The utilisation rights include the authorisation to revise, change, reproduce or have reproduced the copyright works and the other records and documents generated. The participant pledges to contribute only their own ideas and rights in the context of the competition. The participant will be required to disclose any use of third-party rights and to notify Audi in advance about it.

9. Data protection

When you apply to and participate in the 2017 Smart Factory Hackathon, AUDI AG collects your personal data and/or that of team members, which you and/or the registered team member provided to AUDI AG. This data includes in particular the contact information from the registration.

We store, handle and use this data when processing the applications, confirming participation or rejecting applications to participate, and preparing for your possible participation and for organization of the 2017 Smart Factory Hackathon. The data will not be shared with third parties.

In addition, AUDI AG stores and uses this data for the purpose of contacting possible candidates for future employment opportunities at AUDI AG. The data will be stored for these purposes for a period of up to one year.

If you are registering a team, make sure that you have informed the other members of the team about the aforementioned collection, handling, storage and use of their personal data.

At any time, you and/or any team member can request information about the data stored at AUDI AG and about correcting, deleting or blocking it. You and/or the team members are welcome to submit any questions or requests you have by email to karriere@audi.de or to Kundenbetreuung, AUDI AG, Auto-Union-Str. 1, 85045 Ingolstadt.

10. Other

These Conditions of Participation and the resulting legal relationship are governed by the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany.
Should individual provisions of the Conditions of Participation prove to be wholly or partially unenforceable, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions.